Our History

Located at the base of Pikes Peak in the little town of Cascade, Co
We are proud to keep the tradition of family
owned and operated since 1925 Alive!

The company originally began in Garden City, Kansas 1925 by Mr. F.A. ( Frank ) Myers. Frank owned the Myers Dairy Co. Later the company would be operated by Frank’s son Merle Myers. The tradition continued and after graduating from K State Merle’s son Carl also joined the operations of Myers Dairy Co. The business received milk from area farmers and pasteurized and bottled the milk, also making ice cream and other dairy products. Included in the business was a soda fountain, serving the milk and ice cream products made in the dairy plant. This was very popular with the local residents, especially in the summer time. When Frank’s son Merle became active in the business, he added sandwiches to the menu, for lunch time customers.

In 1987 the dairy business was sold to Steffan Dairy of Wichita, Kansas. The Myers’ family kept the soda fountain and also added packaged ice to the business, after purchasing an existing ice plant and updating it with modern equipment. In 1985 Carolyn & Carl Myers started researching the popcorn business and after some experimenting with recipes, added packaged popcorn to the Soda Fountain. The popcorn in 15 different flavors was very popular at Christmas time, packaged in decorative tins. In 1992, the Popcorn business was brought to Colorado by son Mike Myers and his wife Cindy.

In 1992 it was official that Myers Gourmet Popcorn was in business at 8025 W Hwy 24 in Cascade, Colorado. By 1998, Mike and Cindy had decided that it was time to pass on the business to another family. Myers Gourmet Popcorn was sold to the Burt Family and they continued the business in Cascade, Colorado. In 1999 The Burt’s moved the company down the road to its current location 7935 W Us Hwy 24. It wasn’t too far…


The name was changed from “Myers Gourmet Popcorn” to “Pikes Peak Gourmet Popcorn” not long after the Myers family sold the company. All the products and manufacturing stayed the same. The secret recipes are still the ones used by the Myers Co. 


In 2003 the 3rd Family purchased the business. The Schormann Family purchased the company with the intent to keep it family owned and operated and keep the pride of making our product with the best ingredients and all by hand. We are always testing new ideas for flavors and taking suggestions from our customers on flavors they would like to see. We look forward to seeing you in our store and truly appreciate your business!

Thank you to the Myers Family for allowing us to share the history behind our company and the importance of value we intend to keep with our Family Owned and Operated Business! God Bless